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We’re thrilled to introduce the Patent Pending Weblazer™, a one-of-a-kind mountain bike attachment! This product was invented by a mountain bike enthusiast and engineer for all riders tired of blazing trails and breaking web with their face.


Key Design Features

Designed for the adventurous biker, this new product breaks webs so you can blaze trails!

Inclusive Mounts

The mounts are designed to fit most bike styles and sizes. They are easy to install, won't damage your frame, and can be removed at any time.

Adjustable Angles

Designed to fit most riding styles and bike specs, the Weblazer™ has you covered!
You choose your angle of attack!

Flexible Telescopic Rods

The two flexible rods are designed to retract, be easily removed and packed away once the trails are clear.



Easy to install, this kit is durable for extended use and won't impact your MTB frame when you need to remove it.


As Seen On
Berm Peak Express

We want to thank Seth for his time in testing out the Weblazer™!

"I took my fair share of jabs at this product, but there’s one thing we cannot dispute: It clears spider webs!"


Weblazer is the answer to your problems when hitting the trail.
It keeps those pesky spider webs where they belong, not on you.

Scout from Texas, USA


The Inventor

Stephen is a mechanical engineer who enjoys problem-solving to improve life. Working as a product design engineer has given him the necessary experience to model, prototype, test, and connect with suppliers to take Weblazer™ from concept to market!

Stephen has spent a great deal of time mountain biking in South East Texas. The terrain is wooded and the climate mild. For much of the year, spider webs stretch across the trails. Anyone who enjoys early morning rides under similar conditions knows the feeling of riding through webs and spending the rest of the ride wondering if they have picked up an eight legged hitchhiker...

The Weblazer™ was engineered out of his desire to eliminate the distractions and focus on the adventure!


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